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ROSMIMAN® Smart Planner: Intelligence Engines applied to Facility Management


Experience, talent and work methodology for a new FM user experience.


ROSMIMAN® Smart Planner is the first and the only real application on intelligence engines for the Maintenance and Facility Management & Services fields, providing users with significant savings in resource usage, as well as substantial improvements in the service quality, thanks to intelligent planning of maintenance tasks and asset management, following appropriate optimization criteria for each scenario.

ROSMIMAN® Smart Planner contributes, therefore, to improving the income statement and the end customer satisfaction, enhancing the long-term sustainability of companies or entities that use it.

The concept “Intelligent” is on top of trends and technology strategies (Gartner Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2018) and this is the area in which ROSMIMAN R+D+i works specifically.

ROSMIMAN®, in collaboration with Nouss Intelligence (“NOUSS”), applies intelligence engines that effectively solve complex problems of various industries, specifically those related to IWMS/CAFM/CMMS systems, to offer one of the most advanced software systems on the market.

The approach has not been set solely and merely to create and market a product with Artificial Intelligence (AI) integrated or adapted from third-party technologies and thus be able to affirm that “a product with Artificial Intelligence is offered”, but on the contrary, this has been a long process of identifying, in the first instance, the needs, potential uses and business value for our clients, to subsequently begin an R&D process that has led us to create our own solution: with independence, and also, capacity for evolution and customization, in order to solve each issue of our clients from different industries and areas of business.

With the addition of this technology to the company’s portfolio of products and services, ROSMIMAN® has become the IT reference solution for the technological industry related to Maintenance, Facility Management & Services both nationally and internationally.


ROSMIMAN® Smart Planner

The SMART PLANNER, based on heuristic techniques and Artificial Intelligence, boasts substantial differences in relation to what currently exists or has been marketed by other companies in the market up to now in relation to IWMS/CAFM /CMMS solutions.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to systems that propose changes and behaviours without being explicitly programmed, based on the use of information sources -different and combined-, on collected data, usage analysis and other variables.

Solutions based on AI use intelligent algorithms for planning in a way that optimize resources, automate work plans and automatically learn from the system preferences and uses in a constant optimization cycle. These algorithms have been integrated into ROSMIMAN®, also adding a more operational and user-friendly interface to better understand and intuitively use it. The AI-based system learns, adapts and potentially acts AUTONOMOUSLY instead of executing simple instructions from a human operator.

The system does NOT replace the human factor, but the use of this technology combined with machine learning complements and greatly increases human capabilities and optimizes the services to which they are applied.

To facilitate effective interaction with all users (human factor), ROSMIMAN® Smart Planner also contributes to the development of intelligent conversational systems and a specific user interface that represents a new visual user experience with multiple views and advanced tools (proposal display, plan queries, etc.), which allow complex filtering, clustering and visualization operations on data.

The Computer-Aided Maintenance Management (traditional CMMS or CAFM systems) requires organizing maintenance activities considering the characteristics of each asset to be maintained: staff, facilities, location, schedules, etc.


ROSMIMAN® incorporates a subsystem (independent of human operators) to plan – schedule – program maintenance activities automatically using Artificial Intelligence strategies that take into account:

  • The conditioning factors of assets to be maintained, their context and temporary restrictions.
  • Availability of maintenance agents and equipment resources.
  • Environment conditions.

Offering a distinctive AI with specific problem solving

These technologies allow the implementation of systems with autonomy to streamline business processes of great complexity, providing the necessary support and assisting, at different levels, those responsible for the execution of such processes.

The new ROSMIMAN® Smart Planner generates plans for the optimal execution of incident resolution processes, technical assistance activities or services and preventive maintenance, which also sequence together and consistently the activities of other types -such as corrective and failed- giving rise to a comprehensive and adaptive programming on runtime of maintenance and services.

The new ROSMIMAN® Smart Planner automatically organizes the activities and services by allocating time and resources for its execution and incorporating all activities at their operating time, through techniques based on heuristics and Artificial Intelligence that allow to optimize the service productivity and the occupancy/availability of all stakeholders.


  • Better process + More knowledge = better results
  • Optimization of human resources for large volumes of planning.
  • Significant savings in the use of resources of all kinds, both in costs and in operating times.
  • More compact and efficient schedules, without unnecessary downtime.
  • Self-learning of the system based on preferences and usual operating scenarios.
  • Agile adaptation to changes in business requirements and restrictions.
  • Real-time simulation and interaction, with the possibility of setting rules.
  • Reduction in dependence on the human factor in the strategy.
  • Improvement in service quality, flexibility, response times and cost optimization.
  • Traceability and vision of situations in real time.


Marca-Nouss-RGB-Horizontal-02-300x122NOUSS was founded on July 11, 2017 as Nouss Intelligence, Limited Company, Technological-Based Company (TBC), partially owned by the University of Alicante, through the Science Park of Alicante Foundation (FPCA) and headquartered in the Science Park of Alicante. The company’s purpose is to create and foster a sustainable bidirectional knowledge flow between the University and Nouss, for the benefit of the university community, as well as the society in which they work, without limits of geographical barriers.

Through three previous years of research and development specifically in this field and several basic and industrial research works developed within the University, it has transferred to NOUSS the know-how base, as a technological contribution for future development of innovative commercial solutions.

Since its founding, NOUSS’ principles are based on Good Corporate Governance with a board of directors, as well as an auditor from the beginning of its activity, to guarantee the University and the entire society the greatest transparency in all its actions.

NOUSS provides high added-value services based on the application of artificial intelligence techniques and the development of intelligence engines, which effectively solve complex problems in broad industries of the market.

These intelligence engines share a common conceptual core to adapt to each specific problem resolution, through carefully developed versions for each purpose.



Logo circular2-300x298With over 20 years of experience, ROSMIMAN SOFTWARE CORPORATION is the leading provider in designing, implementing and developing solutions for Asset Management, Maintenance and Facility Management & Services.

With more than 500 companies in 16 countries as clients and a highly-qualified team of professionals and engineers with PMP® certifications, under the best practices of the Project Management Institute (PMI) and PRINCE2 methodologies, to manage, design, build and implement high added value projects to our customers, ROSMIMAN SOFTWARE CORPORATION has all the talents, skills, experiences and resources which have shaped what we are: market presence with brand integrity, continued trust and loyalty of our clients and reliable, and committed services for more than 10,000 direct users from 30 different sectors using ROSMIMAN® solutions every day in their companies.

We combine advanced technology and investment in R+D+i, with extensive operational experience, to deliver innovative and practical solutions aimed at maximising the maintenance and facility management operations of our clients. We focus on providing practical, useful, simple, intuitive and user-friendly software solutions, so that the use of technology in business is not an obstacle, understanding the kind of current and future challenges faced by our customers in every industry and activity.

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