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Imdaad's state-of-the-art workshop opening in Dubai Feb 14, 2013


Dr. Rashid Ahmed Bin Fahed inaugurates Imdaad’s state-of-the-art  Workshop in Dubai

One of the biggest facilities of its kind in UAE reduces cost of maintaining waste collection trucks by 25 per cent

February 14, 2013

H.E. Dr. Rashid Ahmed Bin Fahed, UAE Minister of Environment and Water, has today (February 14, 2013) inaugurated the state-of-the-art Imdaad Mechanical Workshop, which is one of the biggest facilities of its kind in the UAE for servicing and maintaining all types of vehicles, especially waste collection trucks. The 30,000-square meter facility, located in Dubai’s JAFZA South, has been built at a cost of AED 12 million for the first phase, and is expected to reduce the overall cost of maintaining Imdaad’s fleet of more than 200 vehicles by 25 per cent, allowing the company to recover its investments within a short period of time.

Equipped with advanced maintenance and repair tools and technologies, Imdaad’s Workshop will facilitate all in-house services for denting, painting, welding and tire maintenance, and will service all types of small, medium and heavy vehicles. The workshop will include four wash bays, which have been designed to comply with environmental standards and regulations, while it has also been optimized for recycling and reuse of water. Imdaad also revealed plans to further expand the facility in the future, utilizing the entire 30,000 square-meter plot it has acquired in JAFZA South.

Jamal Abdulla Lootah, CEO, Imdaad, said: “The inauguration of the new Workshop marks an important milestone in our continuing thrust to consolidate Imdaad’s core competencies and ultimately enhance the quality of our services. The workshop drastically reduces expenditure related to maintaining and servicing Imdaad’s large fleet of vehicles, while significantly minimising vehicle downtime, resulting in a huge improvement in productivity and efficiency. Moreover, the new Workshop reaffirms Imdaad’s commitment to proactively invest in the latest technologies, techniques and best practices that will empower us to introduce strategic FM services that cater to the specific needs of our clients. Imdaad will continue to leverage new technological advances and knowledge to deliver integrated FM solutions that have an immediate and direct impact on the sustainable development of the society.”

The Workshop utilizes advanced computer applications to automate and fast track various process, while maintaining a detailed history of all maintenance/repair work done on each equipment or vehicle, as well as the man-hours and materials used.

Imdaad has gained a strong reputation in the region as an adopter and implementer of the latest FM technologies and practices. The company acquires eco-friendly equipment and prioritizes sustainability across all its operations. It also conducts recycling training for its clients, corporate partners and staff, in addition to providing free recycling bins in certain projects where it handles waste management and collection service.

Jamal Lootah's Speech for the workshop

Your Excellency Dr. Rashid Ahmed Bin Fahd, UAE Minister of Environment and Water

Your Excellencies,

Board of Directors,

Distinguished members of the media,

Allah’s peace, mercy and blessings be upon you…

Let me begin by welcoming you all and extending my sincere gratitude and appreciation to His Excellency Dr. Rashid Ahmed Bin Fahd for his generous support to the event.

We are gathered here today for the inauguration of Imdaad’s integrated Automobile Workshop which reflects our leading approach for the service and maintenance of all types of vehicles by employing the best expertise and state-of the-art technologies. The project is part of our ongoing commitment to “People, Service and Making a Difference” which are our core values to contribute to the economy, community and environment.

The 30,000-square meter facility, located in Dubai’s JAFZA South, marks an important milestone in our continuing thrust towards excellence and leadership. It underlines Imdaad’s continuous efforts to consolidate corporate competencies and efficiencies while providing better service quality that caters to the specific needs of our current and potential clients. The workshop has been designed in compliance with the highest environmental standards to help reduce expenditure related to maintaining and servicing Imdaad’s large fleet of vehicles, while significantly minimizing vehicle downtime and thereby improving productivity and efficiency without compromising the environment and natural resources.

Imdaad’s Automobile Workshop has been developed to address the ongoing business growth and continuous increase in the number of our fleet to more than 200 light and heavy vehicles so far.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Imdaad has long been at the forefront of delivering the best strategic services and value-added offerings, which reaffirm the company’s commitment to provide a wide portfolio of services that cater to the ever-changing requirements of our clients by leveraging on a solid combination of local and international expertise and skills. Nonetheless, environmental practice and sustainability have been a major part of our business and a key pillar of our vision to serve the local community and build a better future. We believe that the many achievements of Imdaad are undoubtedly attributed to the clients’ confidence in us and our dedication to always provide the best.

In light of the company’s move to set new benchmarks in the region’s facility management industry under the highest standards of quality and sustainability, we are proud to announce that our expansion plans in the Arabian Gulf region are underway, following the successful partnerships with leading government entities, namely the Ministry of Environment and Water, Dubai Municipality, Dubai World, JAFZA, Nakheel, RTA, Department of Islamic Affairs and Musanada in addition to many other enterprises. Last year, we have opened our offices in Qatar to leverage its promising FM market, and we are looking forward to enter into the other Gulf markets soon.

Given our integrated approach towards service excellence, Imdaad has won multiple awards and prestigious recognitions throughout its history, including the 2010 Overall GCC FM Company of the Year.

Distinguished Guests,

I would like to thank you once again for joining us on this occasion that underlines Imdaad’s commitment to business integrity, service quality, innovation, excellence and contribution to national development. I wish you all the very best for your future.

Thank you.

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