HAUSMAN s.a.l.

The Name Hausman is inspired by the famous Baron Georges-Eugène Haussmann, Paris’ visionary prefect in the 19th century.

Commissioned by Emperor Napoleon III to carry out a massive urban renewal of the city, Haussmann led a groundbreaking approach to city planning that integrated people, infrastructure and everyday life. The public works program, commonly called “Haussmann’s renovation of Paris”, still has an long-lasting impact on the city’s functionality and efficiency to this day.

As a member of the prominent MAN Group, HAUSMAN benefits from the quality standards of a whole network specialized in construction and engineering on a global scale.

This also means that we apply all our activities within a Quality Management System (QMS) framework fully compliant with ISO 9001 requirements.

On various projects, we can work closely with a selection of top-tier partners, including:

– MAN Enterprise, an international leader in the construction industry.

– Metrix, among the largest electro-mechanical contractors in the Middle East and Africa.

At HAUSMAN, we are driven by a firm resolution to carry on the Group’s legacy, by staying true to its established quality standards and core values, known as the 6 C’s:

  • Challenge: Turning challenges into opportunities for achievement.
  • Collaboration: Teamwork is the best foundation for success.
  • Competence: Valuing and developing each and everyone’s skills.
  • Creativity: Is a weapon of mass construction.
  • Credibility: Is the first chapter in the book of wisdom.
  • Commitment: Is the base of any endeavor.

HAUSMAN provides a range of integrated or individual services to keep its clients’ premises running smoothly and efficiently, while prioritizing health and safety to the facility occupants: tenants, customers, staff, or workers.

Whether it is for a private or commercial property, a warehouse, a labor camp for construction workers or other, our team combines industry knowledge and technical expertise with a deep understanding of information technology, to keep business interruptions in check, in a cost-effective way.

With a meticulous approach to security, safety, maintenance, and business continuity, our scope of work is split into three categories:

  • Operations & Maintenance.
  • Environment, Health and Safety, and Facility Engineering
  • Industrial Accommodation

Address: Lebanon, Achrafieh, Charles Malek Avenue, Sole Center


Main Contact: Thierry Abi Nader/ Chairman

Tel: +961 1 215111 ext. 110

Mobile: +9613566008